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Dolomite panniers

These are available in 2 sizes, the large ones are handed, when fitted they are angled towards the front of the bike. This enables a bit more room on the pillion footrest. The lid is tucked in under the metal strapping to act as a seal. The small Dolomite is much loved by Roger Gwynn (Founder of Draganfly Motorcycles) who is a very keen traveller since it is able to carry a great deal without being to cumbersome. The Dolomites are the only piece of luggage that we have had to change the style of our lock. These will still be keyed alike to the other pannier however it will not be keyed to match any top box. This is due to the design of the lid. They were originally called the Dominator (large) and Safari (small) however keeping within the mountain theme and also simplicity we call these the Dolomite large and small. As standard, the bottom fixing is quick release secure push button.

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