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A7 A10, B31-B33 1956-62

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BSA, A/B Group, 1956-62, pannier fitting kit
BSA, A/B Group, 1956-62, W-r without pannier supports
Rack, W black


The rack kit for the A7 & A10 machines is simple in its design, with little effort you can fit a rack and carry light luggage on your bike. Add the extra supports from the pannier kit and not only can you add panniers to your bike but also increase the carrying load. This can be seen in the very beautiful Super Rocket, sporting white Dolomite panniers and a black Stelvio topbox. Please use the drop-down menus to choose what finish you would like your rack to have (if purchasing a rack) and whether you would like to purchase a pannier fixing kit. Just add luggage!

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