Custom Vintage Motorcycle Luggage

Craven Equipment is an iconic brand, combining classic looks with modern methods to create motorcycle luggage that’s inspired by adventure and built for every day. Using original moulds and designs we have retained the distinctive Craven look while incorporating modern fixtures to ensure each piece stands the test of time. Owners of original luggage can also repair and restore their luggage using our accessories, or uprate them with improved fittings.

But did you know we can also create custom designs to match your bike (or even your outfit if you’re fancy)? Metallics, pinstriping, two-tone pieces and matt finishes are just some of the options available.

Our panniers, top boxes, racks and fitting kits are made in-house, hand-finished to an exceptional standard and closely quality controlled.

We use original moulds so designs are the same as they have always been. Our glass fibre shells are coloured using gel, giving a truer, deeper colour. This also means we can polish them to high shine without wearing away the colour and should a piece be scratched during use, the colour exposed will be the same as the surface so your luggage will look better for longer.

A coating is applied to the inside of each shell to prevent damage to any contents, then fastenings and strapping are hand riveted on with precision. The finishing touch is a hand-applied glossy Craven badge.

Custom colours are an additional £30 (plus vat) per piece of luggage, regardless of colour choice. Metallic options are £60 per piece, two-tone options are £45. For all other bespoke requirements please contact us for a quote. We can add pinstriping or even design custom badges or decals. (prices correct at time of writing)


Visit our gallery of custom luggage for inspiration, from customer creations to in-house designs.


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