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motorcycle topbox

The humble motorcycle topbox is a simple and cost effective way to carry luggage on your motorbike. From motorcycle couriers and delivery drivers to commuters and weekend warriors, the top box is ideal for everyday travel

The large and small Snowdon’s are a classic design and at 21 and 38 litres capacity they can carry all the essentials and then some.

Our Stelvio box is large enough for a full face helmet to fit comfortably inside, and has a more rugged appearance without being bulky. The Atlas is our biggest piece of motorbike luggage, designed to hold two full face helmets, without being wider than the motorbike but still retaining it’s integrity.  

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Craven Equipment is an iconic brand, combining classic looks with modern methods to create motorcycle luggage that’s inspired by adventure and built for every day. Using original moulds and designs we have retained the distinctive Craven look while incorporating modern fixtures to ensure each piece stands the test of time. Owners of original luggage can also repair and restore their luggage using our accessories, or uprate them with improved fittings.

But did you know we can also create custom designs to match your bike (or even your outfit if you’re fancy)? Metallics, pinstriping, two-tone pieces and matt finishes are just some of the options available.


We received a lovely email from a lady called Margaret, who had found some memories from her father's travels after he sadly passed. "Dad often talked fondly of the European motorcycle Parti-tours that he and my mum, Doreen, enjoyed in the early 1950s, to the South of France, Switzerland & Austria. Dad mentioned that he purchased a pair of 'prototype' panniers from Ken Craven himself in 1951. I have just found them, along with their Corkers, goggles, gauntlet gloves & maps!"
It's this kind of memory that makes us love what we do and want to keep doing it! We hope to be able to display the items in our showroom soon, so other motorcycle travellers can admire them. Here are some excepts from their travel diary kindly shared with us, from Doreen's travel diary of a Craven Parti Tour she and her husband took part in to Northern France with their Sunbeam in 1951 :-

 Motorcycle Travel

For those who are serious about two-wheeled travel, motorcycle luggage is a must. Designed to fulfil all practicalities, and built to last, a luggage rack, top box or panniers are well worth the investment for the motorbike adventurer.  

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