Stelvio topbox, white - Will Hold Full Face Helmet

stelvio_front_smallstelvio_smallstelvio_small_openRay Jones / Real Classic261193951_2968900880043880_8807288443230599995_n316544534_672393184532270_8514084120762616348_n_1337708054311574293_644134974024758_8549418984478969116_n_183872582
£ 192.96 (£ 160.80 excl VAT)

  • Will hold a full face helmet
  • Ribs and moulded top give a rugged appearance
  • Come complete with fittings required to attach them to our tubular rack
  • Hinges are positioned at the back of each box so they cannot blow open in transit if left unlocked
  • Stainless steel strapping and non-ferrous fittings
  • Rubber sealed between box and lid
  • Boxes are left undrilled so they can be positioned exactly as required
  • Includes lock

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