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Motorcycle Topboxes - Made to last


In our range of top boxes there is a piece to suit every traveller - from the compact small Snowdon to the mighty Atlas, and the unique Monte Stella! If you are looking for complete fitting kits to attach a topbox to your machine, please see Bike Kits. If you are looking for sundry items to repair or overhaul your original topbox, please see Fixtures and Fittings.

Our luggage can be fitted to some factory standard racks, but extra fixtures might need to be purchased. Please contact us to discuss. All our pieces are manufactured and hand-finished in-house under strict quality control. General instructions on how our luggage fits can be found here

We sometimes have pieces that have small imperfections in the finish, which we sell at a discounted rate. Contact us for availability and prices.

Curious to see exactly what you can pack into our luggage? See our packing videos (the opposite of unboxing!)