Vintage Motorcycle Luggage

 Motorcycle Travel

For those who are serious about two-wheeled travel, motorcycle luggage is a must. Designed to fulfil all practicalities, and built to last, a luggage rack, top box or panniers are well worth the investment for the motorbike adventurer.  

A backpack is fine for short trips, but not many are suitable for long rides in poor weather - nor a trip lasting more than an afternoon! A classic top box is easy to fit and can hold all the essentials, without giving you back ache, and will keep helmet and gloves secure while exploring on two feet instead of two wheels. For the more intrepid, or long distance traveller, the addition of panniers means a week long trip is easily catered for. With water tight seals and secure locks, the contents are safe inside the motorbike luggage, while the reinforced boxes protect from unavoidable scrapes. For something more substantial than leather throw over saddlebags, or an awkward Gore Tex tank bag, hard luggage is ideal.

However, good quality luggage for motorbikes should not just be secure, waterproof and durable, it should also compliment your classic bike. Modern silver boxes that look more like space age cases just don’t sit right on vintage or classically styled bikes. For the rider who appreciates style from a bygone era, vintage panniers and topboxes are the only way to go. Something that suits your bike and is practical to boot - perhaps even custom coloured to match your classic paint job!

Find your perfect set up and choose the right size and style for your classic bike, and your adventure.

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